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How is Merchant cash advance good for your business? - GSB Financial

How is Merchant cash advance good for your business?

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Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance is a growing method of raising funds. It is an advanced payment, where business owners can avail of lenders. Merchant Cash Advance is popular in the US, Canada, and other developed countries. MCA is different from small business loans. Their rates are higher, which increases the total cost of loans compared to traditional loans. The merchant cash company keeps deducting the set amount from debit and credit cards until the time you repay. This is how one gets Merchant Financing Loans. Now, let us find out how is Merchant cash advance good for your business?

Benefits of Merchant Cash Advance Loans

Easy and Effective 

 It is easier to apply for an MCA than to apply for a traditional loan. They transfer the amount within a week. The eligibility criteria are simple and less paperwork is involved. The applications are approved quickly. 

No collateral is required

 The second most essential benefit is that it requires no security against the loan sanctioned. No collateral needs to be submitted, unlike traditional loans. You need not risk any of your assets against the amount.  

Does not affect the credit history

credit history

 Technically, MCA is not a loan. It does not go into credit history or affects the past loans or credit score. 

No relation to the credit score

Unlike small business loans, you need not maintain a good credit score to avail of a merchant cash loan as all the future small business loans or the traditional loan approvals are dependent on firms’ credit scores. But when you avail of an MCA, an MCA lender does not look at the credit score for acceptance.

No before paying penalties

 There are no early payment penalties charged by MCA lenders. You repay the amount as a part of daily deductions. Hence, it proves to be favorable for enterprises. You can be debt-free easily if you pay a large amount at a time and close your MCA account. 

Easy and fast access to cash

 The environment is dynamic, and the requirements change over a short time. Hence, digital MCA companies make it easy to cover your financial needs in a short tenure. It can be just a week or even within a week. They prove to be a boon for early finance requirements by a firm.

High chances of approval


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The MCA companies sanction more than 90% of advances amongst people who apply. They rarely deny the advances. If you have no serious problem of being unreliable to pay and fulfill the terms and conditions described, you can easily avail of your finance quickly.

Favorable conditions

When we talk about small enterprise loans, we need to pay them no matter their financial conditions. Sometimes, this causes a significant problem for the firms to pay back due to a lack of finance. MCA Loans rule out this problem as you need to pay them only when the firm makes money.

Considering all the above points, now you know if Merchant cash advance good for your business

We at GSB Financial are here to meet all your requirements and provide you with the best you can have. We provide Short term loans in New York City, who will help you get your required finance quickly and effectively. 


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